duck race graphic

Have you got a duck in the race yet?

Each £5 donation is split 50:50 between Crickhowell Rotary Club charities and YOUR CHOICE of the local good causes:

  • Crickhowell High School
  • Powys Young Carers
  • Living with Dementia
  • Crickhowell Rugby Club
  • Crickhowell Volunteer Bureau

Buy a £5 Duck Race Ticket and have a chance to win:

  • 1st prize of £500
  • 2nd prize of £250
  • 3rd prize of £100

We are unable to sell tickets to persons under 16.

The race will be held on the 28th August 2021.

We were unable to run the 2020 Race so charity funds are getting low. A young artist Georgia Knighton has painted a beautiful original of a Mallard. This painting will be auctioned, and a limited number of prints sold to further boost Rotary’s charity fund.